Our Process

Contact to Quotation

You drop us a line

Nothing gets us more excited than a new idea and we love when people reach out with theirs. You can contact us initially through email or by phone with the basics of your concept and an indication of your budget. We are committed to full confidentiality and are happy to work under non-disclosure agreements, so it’s ok to provide a bit of detail if you are able to at this stage.

We put our thinking caps on

We’re always keen to venture into working with new industries or sectors and at this stage we apply our experience and expertise to see where, and how we might add value. We will spend time with you and your team getting to know your project in a lot more detail.

What you can expect

We’ll provide an overview with top level information on how we see the project working and what we think your project requires. You can spend some time making sure that we are on the right lines before we move any further forward.

We get together

After some final tweaks, we’ll walk you through the project plan, ideally over videoconference or in person - we like putting faces to names and talking through our ideas collectively. We know how important project development is so this is an important stage for you to get to know us and make sure we’re the right fit for you.

We break it down for you

Last but certainly not least; we’ll provide you with a broadly scoped, no-obligation quotation and give you some time to review.

We are equally happy to support the further development of existing projects as well as taking on new ones.

Quotation to Delivery

Quotation accepted!

The start of something special. We work closely with you and your existing team – sometimes even co-locating with you whilst we get into the core detail of your project.

We study hard

At the heart of any project we take on is a significant research phase. We dedicate a lot of time to scoping and selecting the best tools and technologies for each project.

We get some dates in the diary...

...to keep us all on track! Our process involves continual, incremental project delivery, but it’s important to define some key milestones from the outset and we’ll work collaboratively with you to set these dates.

Regular R&R

Reports and Reviews of course! Throughout the course of the project we’ll organise regular review meetings with you. As we undertake continual delivery, these meetings keep the project on track whilst updating you on the schedule and upcoming deliveries. This is also an opportunity for you to let us know of any changing priorities you may have.

Halfway milestone

Our halfway marker where we will provide a full review and clearly communicate the progression of the project to you.


This marks the project release, which could be a successful prototype, a market product or an innovated business! Either way, today marks a significant step in your journey as you embark on a successful future.

Do you have an idea, prototype or product that needs a software partner? We’re always excited to hear about new projects!